DJ Chappel is interested in the relationship between clothing and movement and its influence on our character. He envisions himself as a future ancestor creating primary resources for following generations of gay black men. His training in dance and pattern making diversifies his work ranging from handmade garments and artifacts to interactive performances and installations. While studying  at Point Park University's dance conservatory and working at the campus costume shop, DJ was developing a balance between the two mediums. The release of his ready to wear brand, DualityJunkie (2018), has allowed him to combine all of his techniques. DJ's recently has been expanding  to solo exhibitions, with his debut at World Fair Gallery and most recently at Larrie nyc. DJ’s has interviews published by Cultured, Essence, Office and Paper Magazine. DJ has also performed at The Shed and The Bronx Museum of Arts.


“Spiraling In Control”
Larrie, New York NY, November 2022.

“DJ’s Happening” World Fair Gallery, Providence RI, September 2022.

“DualityJunkie ShowRoom” Verse, Brooklyn NY, March 2022.

“22 Club Art Exhibition” The Living Gallery, Brooklyn NY, July 2021.


“The 11: Public Art Commission,” Art & City Life (ACT), Providence RI, September- November 2021.
Quarantine Body,” 
Z Tye Richardson and The Bronx Museum, Bronx NY, September 2021.
Dorchel Haqq with Kyle Abraham, Harlem NY, July 2021.
Morgan Bobrow Williams with Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn NY, June 2021.


“Available Bodies”Z Tye Richardson The Shed, Manhattan NY, August 2022.
“The Migrant Body” Z Tye Richardson and The Bronx Museum, Bronx NY, August- October 2021.


“This 24-Year-Old Designer Is Reinventing the Trucker Hat and the Prairie Skirt”
Cultured, New York, NY September, 2023. 
“DJ Chappel Works With Materials Integral To The Black Experience”

“Duality Junkie is Bringing Back Booty Sag”

Interview Magazine, New York NY, July 2022.

“Why Not Wear a Double-Brim Trucker Hat?”

Paper Magazine, New York NY, March 2021.